Friday, April 13, 2007

The order of the day is-
1. Visit Muriel's grandmother
2. Visit her uncle Claude's house
3. Visit her parents friends later
Yesterday was so nice. Just sat, read , drew and walked. That's all I wanted to do. I do love driving around seeing museums, cities etc. but relaxation is key. Swam in the water hole yesterday. About 65 degrees in the water. I was only one who got in. I was ready for an alligator to nab me. The water was murky and it was a bitch getting out as the rocks were so mossy and slippery.

Saturday September 16th, 9:35am

Well, hung out at the house till around 3:00. Drew, read, Muriel painted a nice picture of Ville Bazy... Then everything went very surreal. Very, very weird and eerie. At 3:00 we drove to visit Muriel's grandmother...