Friday, April 13, 2007

... 2 and 3 open the first day, 1 and 3 the second day... "I must have jumped ahead! 2 AND 3 CLOSED!!" Ha! I was a genius! I came back... 2 and 3 were closed and 1 was open. So the next morning I turned on the light and left all the windows closed. It was the first time I had done something right. They remained closed the rest of the day.

September 12th, 10:30am

Forgot to call mother! And we didn't go to Carcasonne last night. There's a gas strike going on here which means NO ONE except ambulances and police cars, fire engines etc. can buy gas. Just can't. Period. No exceptions. So we might have to stay here until we go home so we can save gas in order to get back to the hotel... hotel? Airport. Brain starting to relax... finally. Good sign.