Monday, April 9, 2007

... I mean, here I am, sitting with my wife and mother and father in-law being come on to by a beautiful French girl who couldn't have been more than 19 or 20. What the fuck do you do? It definitely made me feel better and gave me a much needed ego boost. I just sat there for a little over an hour not saying a word, just smiling like a dumb ass catching her glances toward me then looking away. Again, what a dick am I. All the things I should or would have done came to me after I left. Henry had his camera. I could have at least taken a picture of her by pretending to take one of the two of them as the girl's face is hard to remember now. I still have it in my mind, It just takes awhile to recall. We ate dinner at Carcassonne castle and the musical enetetainment was a guy on a Casio keyboard. He played a little tune about a man being shot by his wife for cheating (ironic) and when he got to that point in the song he hit a key that made a cheesy "BANG" on the keyboard. I was disturbed and then I laughed. I hoped someone got shot in every song he played just for the sound effect.

Monday Sept 18th 9:25 am

Well, here it is. The last day of my vacation. It has been memorable. Yesterday we went to the beach in Narbonne (about an hour drive) had a picnic and swam in the Mediterranean Sea. Windy as hell but we brought giant umbrellas and hid behind one and slept. Wonder of wonders. Came home, had a great dinner and went to sleep. Still thinking of that girl in the cafe. Gave me that wonderful melancholy feeling I haven't felt since high school. This girl likes you but it will never work because you have a girl friend and she's from a different school out of the city and you don't have your own car yet , plus, dating a girl from a different school is like, well, dating a girl from a different country. Getting ready for the next 20 hours of pure travel, then home . L.A. The weather is nice today and I have a big bottle of Percoset for the plane ride. Now let's see if the good habits I've picked up here(writing daily, drawing, hiking, eating 3 meals a day at the same time without snacking in between) can be continue when I return. Yea, right. It was a good thought anyway.


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