Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday September 14th, 9:35am

Just finished having breakfast after sleeping like a fucking log all night. After breakfast yesterday, we wound and wound along the cliffs and winding drops through the mountains next to the Mediterranean Sea. The Pyrenees are insane. If it wasn't for the carsickness, the anxiety attacks would have gotten to me. Probably the most dangerous driving I've ever been through. The roads in these little towns don't fit two cars side by side, not wide enough and yet they are two way streets. So as you can imagine there's a lot of backing up and then trying to dart through before another car comes along. There's also NO parking in any of these Mediterranean villages. NONE. At least cities like San Francisco has lots you can pay to get into. Between this and the winding cliffs with nothing but old rock and sometimes thin pieces of government sanctioned safety tin between you and a long drop to your death, the day was eventful. Oh, and there was...

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