Friday, April 13, 2007

...but because they didn't understand English, they played the clips from the movie out of order. So while blue lights and white spots hit a robot (or rather a woman dressed up as one) emerging from a makeshift, plywood flying saucer, phrases such as "Do you like my owl?" and "Is this to be an empathy test?" were shot out at the audience for their sci-fi satisfaction. But I had a fantastic time. How could you not when the band is playing Mambo #5, Knock on Wood and Celtic Rap in space outfits. This was the REAL Spinal Tap. No one in the audience would clap, that was upsetting. Fucking snobs.

Saturday September 10th, 1:45pm

Nothing going on today. Really... nothing. Took a walk. Looked at some animation on the computer. Drew a little. Learned a magic trick. Getting bored, fast. Might go to Spain to see the Dali museum. That would be nice. Party tonight and visiting Carcasonne tomorrow. Ciao!

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