Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday Sept. 6th 8:30 am

After I wrote yesterday, I had a great day. We took a walk, stopped and talked to some of the locals, had a couple of pastis at Danielle and Rudy's house , then came home for lunch. And it all went bad from there. From lunch on I had a horrible stomach ache. Got sick and missed dinner that night. But all ended up ok. I worked late and got on a regular time schedule. My stomach this morning is a little shaky but nothing a horse ride I don' think wouldn't cure. Going out with Rudy at 9:00 this morning. Just got called to breakfast.

Just got back, 12:45 pm from riding Domingo the horse. Absolutely one of the more beautiful times of my life. You couldn't have asked for a more perfect ride. It was cloudy and cool, the wind blowing , on a cliff...

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