Friday, April 13, 2007

... a couple of hours later, you're intensely groggy and it takes you a good 2-3 hours to fully wake up. Sometimes you feel like you might be sick or might pass out. It's definitely not like waking up in the morning. We're buying dinner tonight for everyone in Carcasonne and I will call my mother tonight. Chus.

September 11th, 12:00 pm

Just writing to remind myself to write about the key walk and the "order of operations" on the opening of the windows.

September 12th, 8:35am

Yesterday, Muriel and I took a walk to St. Hilaire. We were about to walk there, which is about 4 kilometers (3.5miles roughly) and then wait for Henry to pick us up. First we had to help Henry and Michelle (Muriel's mother) clean up the community center from the party the night before. So we went down, loaded up the champagne bottles, CD's...

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