Friday, April 13, 2007

...where we wanted to be. Found wild boar shit. Felt like cub scouts again but without the homophobia. Ate bark, pro-created, fought off hostile tribe from the north. Killed all males and kept females to expand the clan. Life is good.

Sept. 9th, 12:50 am

Just got back from the Harvest Festival. Ate kind of shitty pizza. Who the fuck puts chunks of brie on a pizza? The French do. But Limoux is so damn beautiful it didn't matter. Walked down a carnival street afterwards and rode "Le Spookhouse" with tatie Danielle. Saw a woman sliced in half, a bum puking into a trashcan (oooo scary!), and as twine rippled over our heads a ghost (or rather a guy dressed as one) grabbed Danielle. She was screaming so loud I had to plug my ears. It was very loud. Then, after having a beer, saw a French band called "California From the Planet 2000". Jesus . They were playing the Blade Runner soundtrack...

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