Saturday, July 26, 2008


My good friend Harland Williams being attacked by a 400lb silver back. Sweet Lord of hairy ass! He sweet talked her out of killing him and now she lives in his spacious mansion in Hollywood. I think the red rubber glove came in handy.


Vincent Waller said...

OK that falls neatly into the "Holy Shit!"Catagory.

Conrad Vernon said...

Oh, that it do my friend.

Bob Logan said...

Sorry to talk shop on yer' mad gorilla post, but I saw the trailer for MVA.

Way to go, bro!

It looks like a good time!


Conrad Vernon said...

Thanks Bob. Glad everyone gets a chance to see what I've been doing for the last FIVE years!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Vernon,

Do you have any plans of directing a live action film feature down the line? Just like your Shrek colleague Andrew Adamson with his successful Narnia series. It would be really interesting to see what you can do with that side of filmmaking. We already saw bits of live action scenes in Wall-E by director Andrew Stanton and it was really interesting. Even Mr.Stanton said in an interview that he felt so "free" directing those small live action scenes.

Are you going to throw your hat in the live action ring also?

By the way, enjoyed Kung Fu Panda in IMAX even w/out 3d scenes. It's probably the best Dreamworks animated film so far . Surpassing Shrek 1 & 2( for sheer entertainment value )-- at least for me. Tai-Lung's escape from his mountain abyss prison was just masterfully executed. Perfect!!!

Hope Madagascar doesn't disappoint. Actually...I am looking forward more to MVA than Madagascar. Hope it's really worth the 5 years you toiled on it.

Be well.

Conrad Vernon said...

Thanks Nanosaurus,
Always good to hear from you. Yes I will hopefully one day get the opportunity to learn the live action side of filmmaking as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not turning away from animation. I'm not someone who looks at animation as a stepping stone into "real" filmmaking as some people I've heard in this business say. I love the medium and will not abandon it. I want to learn more about telling stories and work with people in the moment as one does in live action though. It's a side of storytelling I've not had the chance to experience yet so I'm excited to learn. I've always maintained that animation is not a genre, but a medium with which to tell stories. Comparing Wall-E to Shrek is like comparing E.T. to Animal House. So to me it's not a genre but a medium and I'm interested in making films in both of them.

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