Friday, April 13, 2007

...and stereo, trash etc. and loaded it into Henry's car. Then Muriel and I started off. We got about 3 miles into the walk when I realized I had the car keys in my pocket. Yahoo. Muriel started in. I could do nothing but laugh. I suggested we continue onto St. Hilaire as her dad surely had another key to the car, but Muriel wouldn't hear of it. So we started back. Three quarters of the way back Henry pulled up in his car. HEY! He had an extra key. An exciting day as far as action in Ville Bazy goes.

September 12, 9:50 am

Just saw Muriel off on Domingo, so now her legs will be sore tomorrow as well. Ha, ha. I love being around those horses. It's humbling. BUT, about the order of operations. We have 3 windows here in the living room of this house, two on one wall and one on the other (see diagram*)...

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