Friday, April 13, 2007

...from around the corner said "Start this dayyyy... like all the rest..."
I replied... "First thing every mornin' that I do..."
The voice, "I start missin' you..."
We walked around the corner and it was an old janitor with downs syndrome and a mop in one of those wheeled buckets. He smiled, we both sang together..."Some broken hearts never mend, some memories never end, some tears will never dry, my love for you will never die." I smiled and walked upstairs. A winding staircase carpeted in thin, ocher carpet. I walked though a narrow white door into a 60's fashioned apartment, dull sun on a cloudy day streaked through a giant sheer curtained window on my left. Two women with big 60's hair, pregnant and nude were standing there looking at me. We said something to each other which I can't remember...