Friday, April 13, 2007

Sketchbook Ville Bazy, France 2000

Wed. Sept. 5th, 2000 7:30 am

Ville Bazy France

Arrived here yesterday at around 3:30-4, utterly tired. The kind of tired where you literally feel your body's electricity short circuiting. PFITTZ! CRACKLE! SPUTZ!! and your whole being shakes. I consciously realized that you start hallucinating when you're in that state. I hear things that I am thinking with the clarity and volume of someone standing right next to me. I went to bed around 7:50-8 after trying incredibly hard to stay awake. I hadn't slept in 25 hours. Muriel was still talking and drinking at 9:30. Don't know how she does it. She came to bed and as I awoke to her I felt an incredible pang of loneliness. I have no idea why. It was as clear and violent as if someone had struck an iron bell with a lead pipe. And then the feeling dissipated just as the sound would have. I got a vision of...